Welcome Online to the Languages Hub

A big welcome to the Languages Hub Plymouth. We aim to be a place where language coordinators, teachers, students and practitioners at local and regional levels in both primary and secondary schools can engage and react to news, projects, ideas and get a sense of ‘what’s going on’. Primarily aimed at Language Mastery across the City, it is hoped that the Language Hub will be a place where people with an interest in  or wish to develop their Languages can keep up to date and informed about many of the exciting opportunities which appear in the South West.

  • Improved exam results
  • Improved progress within specific department or specialist areas.
  • Improved attendance
  • Improved Ofsted evidence
  • Successful Academy transition
  • Improved behaviour / discipline
  • Progress in closing the achievement gap (particularly in relation to pupils in receipt of FSM and vulnerable groups).
  • Reduction of in-school variation
  • Evidence of external accreditation